Bluegrass Jams!  

Bring your picker and join in a circle or
listen from the rim!

For this Grassroots Bluegrass Gathering, we're hoping people of all levels of interest and experience with Bluegrass Music will attend.  Listening to the stage bands is a big part of the day.   You may be coming to play with other Bluegrass pickers!.   OR  you may want to enjoy the listening to jams that crop up!   

Weather permitting --  outdoors we'll have bales of straw and chairs for circles to form in the schoolyard -- AND --- inside we'll have 15,000 square feet of school classrooms and hallways for circles to form.  

But what if you're just starting out with playing Bluegrass music or haven't ever joined in on a jam circle?  

For you (and anyone interested) here's a really helpful article on the Etiquette of the Bluegrass Jam.  This from the Rosewood+Hog website

Bluegrass Jam Etiquette: What You Need to Know 

January 17, 2022 by Erik Rolfsen

Hope it'll inspire you to come and enjoy the afternoon - with your guitar, fiddle, banjo, bass, mandolin, dobro,...!  And know there should be plenty of experienced pickers to help you join in!